The three wines and vinsanto which we bottle are produced only with the grapes from the old vineyards (Vigna Grande and Vigna Aldo).

POGGIOTONDO: (Sangiovese and Canaiolo) represents the territory, the tradition and the strong rough character of the people and the products of the valley. First it matures in concrete vats, then it improves in bottle for 12 months at least. Poggiotondo is the most typical wine of our farm.

LE RANCOLE: (Sangiovese and Canaiolo) is the only Chianti produced in Casentino. Forty per cent of it matures in small wooden barrels and improves in bottle for 12 months at least,
before being sold. Le Rancole has been the first wine from Casentino to be top of the list in the Italian wine guides.

C 66: this wine is produced in the exact number of 666 bottles. It is the brainchild of Cinzia (she usually looks after the oil production) who wanted a soft and captivating wine. The 2007 vintage was the first one produced. C 66 has been greatly successfully. It has been often wrongly regarded as a wine dedicated to Cinzia. Actually, C 66 is Cinzia ‘s wine. For this reason she likes to call it proudly “a woman’s wine for women”!

COLLEFRESCO: (Malvasia and Trebbiano) is the Chianti vinsanto produced in Poggiotondo in late February/ early March. It matures in casks of various sizes for five years, and rests in bottle for 12 months.

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